Frequently Asked Questions


How can I change my schedule?    

During the first 3 days of the semester, students can meet with the school counselor to discuss any schedule changes.

How do I sign up for a college rep visit?

Throughout the school year, college representatives will visit Orrick High School.  You can sign up to see the rep by sending the counselor an email or stopping by the counselor's office to put your name on the sign up sheet.

How do I send a transcript?

Current students can go to the Orrick R-XI school district website.  The form is located at the bottom of the high school page.

What are the school counselor's office hours?

Office Hours are 7:50 am - 3:30 pm

Does my child attend school when the Excelsior Springs or Lex-La-Ray Career Center students are out of school? 

If your Career Center school is not in session, you may have a written note from your parent/guardian stating that you will not be attending OHS during those hours that you would normally be at the career center.

Does my child attend school when the colleges are out?  

Dual credit students will attend OHS during those times when their college/university is not in session.  They will be in their normally scheduled room.

How many college visits days do I get?

Juniors get 2 college visit days and seniors get 3 college visit days.  These are prearranged appointments with the college or on their open house days.  Students must return to school with supporting evidence of their visit.  

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